Voile-Sénégal Excursions

Sailing the Sine-Saloum Delta.

At our nautical base of Ndangane, the heart of the Sine Saloum, one of the most famous tourist attractions of Senegal, 150 km south of Dakar, we have a small "fleet" of modern and traditional power and sailing boats. We organize excursions on board of these vessels. Under the guidance of our expert skipper, we will take you to discover the most charming places in the Sine Saloum. We are also ready to plan with you custom journeys of one or several days, with the possibility to spend the night in the "campements" on the islands of the Delta. For expert tourists we offer also the possibility of renting our boats also without crew.


If you are a nature lover,

If you prefer to navigate off the beaten track,

If you want to sail in an intact and wild environment,

If you are interested to discover the authentic Senegal,

If yours is a responsible tourism

VOILE-SENEGAL EXCURSIONS offers you all this and more.

Sine Saloum

National Park

Sine Saloum is a vast region that spans 24,000 km2 between the Sine Saloum and Gambia rivers. The most interesting part from the point of view of the natural wealth and beauty of the landscape is the Delta of the Sine Saloum River in the northern part of this area, about 150 km south of Dakar. The ocean waters are penetrated deep into the meandering river almost dried to create a vast wetland rich in land and sea wildlife. This amazing site is protected since 1976 by the institution of the Saloum Delta National Park, which covers an area of 70,000 ha.

Sine saloum map Sine Saloum map 2

Land and water merge into a fantastic landscape of vast expanses of sand, mangroves, baobabs. It is a natural paradise where live birds (pelicans, herons, marabouts and hundreds of other species), fish, shellfish, dolphins, hyenas, jackals. The wealth of water makes it a very sought for fishing enthusiasts but also it allows people to live in this fishing area. Many of the hundreds of islands in the delta are home to traditional fishing villages and small ports where it is nice to stop and enjoy the "Teranga" (hospitality in Wolof) Senegalese.

Sine saloum birds


Tourism has become, with fishing, an important economic resource for the 200,000 people who live in the park or surrounding, and their presence is still very discrete. Tourist facilities are mostly small "campements" or villages spotted along the coast or on the major islands. Population lives in small traditional cabins, which do not damage the landscape and indicate the intent of this area in a responsible and sustainable tourism, while providing visitors with a comfortable quite adequate at very reasonable prices.

Sine saloum fishing


Sine Saloum has ideal climatic and weather conditions for sailing and other water sports.
Generally Senegal is one of the sunniest countries in the world. Rainfall is concentrated in the rainy season (known wintering), between July and October, and even this season rainfall is represented by sometimes violent storms of short duration. In the dry season, which lasts from November to June, the weather is sunny assured.
The Trade winds that blow along the whole coast of Senegal guarantee moderate and pleasant temperatures.
On the coast, the average maximum daytime temperature is 24°C from January to March and between 25°C and 27°C in April, May and December. From June to October temperatures reach 30°C.
Sailing is comfortable all year round but the most appropriate season is undoubtedly the dry season, when the winds are very regular and moderate. In the rainy season the water is warm but the heat can be a bit stuffy and, especially in August, there's the possibility of some violence thunderstorms.
Waters are protected inside Delta and there are no waves. There are currents associated with tides, which in some passages can become quite strong. Must pay attention to the many unmarked shallows and sandbanks.

Sine saloum river

Our Boats

Boats Available for the excursions:

All boats are available for rent either without crew or with crew (excursions), except for dinghies that are rented without crew.

The boats are helmed by skilled crews who will look after setting the sails and take you safely on the waters of the delta, allowing to quietly enjoy the beauties of this place. All the boats are rented with the safety equipment required by law.


Visitors can choose either in groups or singularly, between the different options we offer and also by contacting us for custom routes.

We offer the following packages for tours and rentals:

Group Tours on the “Sirène du Saloum”
(minimum group of 4 people, up to a maximum of 12 people)

Duration Price per person (CFA) Price per person (EURO)
2h tour 10.000 CFA 16€
7h tour 20.000 CFA 32€
Departure is at 9:00 am at our nautical base. In the 7 hours trip we will offer to land and visit one or two islands. The price includes drinks and a snack.

Boat rental with crew.
In this case the person or people who rent the boat may decide with skipper-piroguier the duration and itinerary of the trip. Rental rates for each boat are, whatever the number of persons on board, the following:

Duration Price per person (CFA) Price per person (EURO)
1,5h tour 24.000 CFA 36€
Half day(4h) 40.000 CFA 60€
Full day (from 9 am to 7pm) 90.000 CFA 135€
2 days tour 160.000 CFA 240€
3 days tour 210.000 CFA 315€
The rates include all costs of the boat (including fuel), the costs of crew and beverages. Meals, snacks and eventual accommodation costs are not included.

Boat rental without crew.
This option is for people who already have adequate experience in navigation on motorboats or sailboats. Rates do not include the fuel cost. The rates are:

Boat: Sirène du Saloum and Tendeku
Duration Price per person (CFA) Price per person (EURO)
1,5h tour 15.000 CFA 23€
Half day tour (4h) 25.000 CFA 38€
Full day (from 9 am to 7pm) 60.000 CFA 90€

Bateau: Sportfish and Maimouna Gaye
Duration Price per person (CFA) Price per person (EURO)
1,5h tour 13.000 CFA 20€
Half day tour (4h) 24.000 CFA 40€
Full day (from 9 am to 7pm) 40.000 CFA 60€

Dinghy: Optimist and Laser
Duration Price per person (CFA) Price per person (EURO)
1,5h tour 10.000 CFA 15€
Half day tour (4h) 20.000 CFA 30€
Full day (from 9 am to 7pm) 30.000 CFA 45€

Voile-Senegal Map

We are ready to consider the request of customized tours according to the preferences and requirements of our clients. We can also offer packages which include boat rental and accommodation in the best camps in the delta.

For those who want a relaxing holiday, we propose to spend a few days at the Hotel Pelican Ndangane, which is a few hundred meters from our nautical base, with the possibility of sailing our boats when they want, choosing a boat or a different excursion every day. We invite who are interested kindly contact us in advance by email.

All our boats are rented with the safety equipment required by law. The people on board will refer to the instructions of the skipper-piroguier and regulations established by the company on the terms of the lease and navigation, in particular as regards security matters. Boats rented without crew can navigate only within the delta and can not go out into the ocean without explicit permission of the company.

Nautical base Gianipa.

Our nautical base VOILE-SÉNÉGAL EXCURSIONS is located in the western part of the tourist area of Ndangane, on the beach between Ndangane Campment and the fishing village.

Base Nautique Gianipa
Base Nautique Gianipa
Base Nautique Gianipa
Projet SenéVoile


sailing school

SENéVOILE is a social project for the diffusion of sailing in Sénégal : we support with our technical and financial input a new sailing school especially for young Senegalese, with the ambitious goal of preparing a Senegalese team for the Olympic Games Rio 2016.

Promoters of the SENéVOILE project are:

"logo-bcademco BCA-DEMCO, a company based in Milan (Italy), active since 1990, which works for boat design, building wooden boats and publishing nautical technical books.
logo-gianipa GIANIPA SARL, a Senegalese company with headquarters in Dakar, active since 2002, which directly manages boatbuilding and boat rent in Senegal.
logo-voilesenegal VOILE SENEGAL, boat excursions and boat rental on the Sine Saloum Delta.
logo-gianibois GIANIBOIS, based in Dakar, produces indoor & outdoor furniture and professional carpentry.

The main purpose of the initiative is to promote among young Senegalese the sport of sailing, and more generally, the pleasure nautical activities in all its forms. These activities are not diffused among the Senegalese population and are mainly by done foreign tourists and expatriates.

The sailing school is free for all Senegalese boys in primary and secondary schools


Details of the SENéVOILE project


The main purpose of the initiative is to promote among young Senegalese the sport of sailing, and more generally, the pleasure nautical activities in all its forms. These activities are not diffused among the Senegalese population and are mainly by done foreign tourists and expatriates.

Senegal has a long sandy coastline on the Atlantic and along which there are several places that lend themselves beautifully to the development of nautical activity. In addition the country has ideal climatic and weather conditions for all year sailing. Many Senegalese have a great familiarity with the sea and helmsman are valid through the traditional fishing activity, which is still one of the great resources of the country, but the navigation is almost exclusively practiced far work, while boating is not a lot of interest and remains inaccessible to the vast majority of the population, mostly for economic reasons.

By giving to the Senegalese (children and adults) the opportunity of attending free or at very low cost sailing school to become familiar with helming a boat, we hope to be able to initiate several people to sailing, laying the foundation for the diffusion of pleasure in sailing. Once basic training is completed we also aim to develop a competitive regattas activity in the country.

We also hope that during this training some talents may emerge and we would give those the possibility of creating high-talented crew, able to participate with honor in international events abroad. The participation to the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016 would be the final result and confirmation of the success of the initiative. This is an ambitious goal, considering the short time we have available, but we feel pretty realistic.

We also believe that the opportunity to practice sailing in Senegal can be an additional asset for developing tourism in the country.

We believe that these goals are fully shared by the Senegalese authorities, which is confirmed by the creation of the Senegalese Sailing Federation in 2003.

The Senegalese Sailing Federation is the main contact and full support is a necessary condition for its success. Naturally the participation of any other person or entity from Senegal to the success of the project will be welcome.


The project takes place over a period of 4 years (2013-2016), which provides successive phases, starting in 2013 with the establishment of a Sailing School approved by the Sailing Federation who will take care of the basic training to young Senegalese. The promoters will make available to the school, the boats and the financial means to pay the instructors. After the first year the goal is to preselect a group of twenty motivated students who wish to continue sailing and engage in the hope of being selected for the Olympics . Training and selection will continue next year while the School will continue its activity becoming increasingly autonomous.

Once we have individuated one or two crews (in Laser class or 470) with the talent and the desire to achieve a high and available to engage in a pre-Olympic training competitive level, the developers will follow up in helping them to participate in international regattas and in the best case Olympic Trials (2015) and Rio 2016.


Promoters will put the means, equipment, know-how (in the terms indicated in the proposal) to the provisions of the Project, and it can take place as scheduled. For succeeding we rely on the participation and collaboration of various partners Senegalese, among which in particular:

  • Le Cercle de la Voile de Dakar (CVD)
  • The Senegalese Sailing Federation.

  • In Italy we can count on the collaboration of:

  • Lega Navale Italiana (LNI) Milano's section which has already provided valuable technical support is either the promotional initiative. In particular their support has materialized in the gift of a few used dinghies and in organizing an event that was held at the Idroscalo, a small artificial lake near Milan, April 14, 2013. On this occasion we gave the opportunity to a group of Senegalese boys, whose largely had never been sailing, to sail with instructors and to experience the emotions of sailing.
  • The Sunugal association of immigrants from Senegal living in Milan, which took part in the organization of this beautiful and joyful event.
  • We hope to encourage participation in the Project also other Italian nautical associations and obtain cooperation especially in the phase of training athletes.


    Promoters hope that the project, especially if successful, could have a good media response and seeks the attention of Italian or Senegalese sponsor interested in bringing some of the resources necessary to ensure the costs of the sailing school or the Olympic adventure. Any contribution or financial type, or in the provision of equipment, facilities or otherwise, is welcome and will be fully give to the activity to achieve the objectives of the Project. The sponsors will receive in return not only advertising but also the gratitude of the young people who benefit from their help to practice a beautiful and healthy sport activity.

    We invite potential sponsors and in general all those who are interested in learning more about the initiative and possibly participate to contact us.

    Private transport


    We offer a fast taxi service on request every day for a minimum of 4 people.
    Cost of service per person: 5000CFA

    For booking please contact:
    e-mail: voilesenegal@gmail.com
    Mr.Mandiaye Diouf (Manager of GIANIPA-Dakar) tel 00221776507896
    Nautical base in Ndangane tel: 00221779727223 (Mr.Moustapha Sadio)

    Taxi Sine Saloum

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